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Welcome to the portal of the BIRCH MICE

The research of the birch mice (genus Sicista) has started in Hungary in 1998 when remains were found in exceptionally high number in owl pellets collected in Borsodi Mezőség Landscape Protected Area (NE Hungary). This event attracted the attention to the species and its endangered status in Hungary and pointed out that we should try to catch live specimens because no one has seen them since 1936.

The habitat of Southern birch mouse in Borsodi Mezőség Landscape Protected Area.

The trappings had no results for a long time but a turn came at 21st June 2006 when the first specimen was trapped after a 70 years hiatus.

Actually it has two remaining populations in the Carpathian Basin, one in the Borsodi-Mezőség where it has just three known sites, while the other one is situated  in Transylvanian, Somes Plateau, Romania, near to Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), with two known sites. Therefore fast and effective actions are needed to save these populations. In 2004 the 1st Hungarian birch mouse Conservation Action Plan was prepared, which actual version was finished in 2010.

This website gives an insight into research and results.

(photo: B. Ottlecz)

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