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11.12.2015 In our new paper in Mammal Review the subspecies S. subtilis nordmanni and S. subtilis trizona were raised to species level and S. trizona transylvanica was described as a new subspecies

24.01.2015 A short report on our Caucasian project >>>>

01.07.2014 Have you ever seen unstriped birch mice? The first photos on the expedition in Caucasus are available on our FB page.


13.06.2014 Our new paper on Transylvanian birch mouse is available. Forward>>

June 2013 The first photos on the expedition in Ukraine and Russia are available on our FB page. Forward>>>

Aug. 2012 Members of Milvus Group and of the BŁkk Mammalogical Society organized a small mammal faunistic research trip on the Somes Plateau (Romania) where several specimens of the Southern Birch Mouse were caught, hence proving the recent occurrence of the species in Transylvania. This result, following a hiatus of 115 years, initiated several conservation and research plans among mammal researchers.

Forward (images on Facebook)>>

June 2011 Finally we can start the radio telemetry with southern birch mice Forward>>>

Sept. 2010 VI European Congress of Mammalogy 19-23 July 2011 Forward>>>

23. July 2010 A movie on Southern birch mice feeding on the seeds of thistle Cirsium and Carduus is available on the website. Forward>>>

July 2010 The members of the BŁkk Mammalogical Society and of the Milvus Group took part in a joint field-work in Transylvania. Details >>>

01 Dec 2009

"Birch Mouse Specialist Group" is established

 by Ukrainian and Hungarian researchers.


01 Feb. 2010 The new Hungarian Southern Birch Mouse Action Plan is ready. Download.

30 Jan. 2010 The new website is launched out.